Abandoned Projects In Nigeria The issue of abandoned projects in Nigeria is burning and disturbing every individual. Leaders especially politicians have habits of starting projects and abandoning them inconsiderate of the level of completion, it could be an early stage or close to completion, thereby, wasting public funds and putting citizens into avoidable hardships. This mostly happens as a result of change of government or by the same government whom might have dropped interest on it due to reasons such as poor planning before inception, etc. Nigeria as a country is not only losing resources but also the lives of millions of citizens as a result of abandoning projects. This is the reason that the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) came up with a citizens’ driven initiative (Report a Project Competition) in order to draw the attention of the authority to address the situation in the country. It is in view of this, we CITAD call all patriotic students of Tertiary Institutions in the country to support this initiative by reporting abandoned projects in their communities, through the link below: